Thursday, February 8, 2018

You will never understand an introvert

Maybe you are my friend, but that does not mean I should be friends with your friends. It does not work that way. Never had, never will.

You do not understand? It’s okay. Nobody does.

Nobody understands an introvert. Some say they do, but they never did.

Being friend with an introvert does not give you the right and authority to introduce him to others and imposed that he should be comfortable with them too. Not only are you alienating him even more, but you are also endangering the current status of your friendship with him.

If at times we’re in a company of other people and you call me out for being too quiet and force me talk, or ridicule me for being uptight, you immediately become an asshole to me. No matter how I used to respect you before.

Never make me, and my personality, the punch line of your jokes.

You may think you are helping an introvert by encouraging him to meet other people. Guess what? You are not helping. Don’t make yourself an introvert-saviour, because we don’t one. I don’t need saving.

And please, spare me all your positivity and optimism mantra. You don’t hear the voices I hear in my head, nor are you feeling all the emotions I feel within. Trust me - you have no idea.

I am okay with a small circle, the smaller the better. Even if that circle is gone, I can live with that. That is how it has been in the first place.

Do not try to understand, because you will never understand an introvert.

Nobody does.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ace of Failure

I am smart. I am talented. I can do anything... anything, except succeed.

I don't know why but it seems that I am an ace of failure.

No, I am not trying to invite negative vibes like what some pundits are always trying to put it. I'm venting out here, for pizza's sake. Don't you guys know the meaning of respecting other people's feeling?

Okay, now where was I?

Oh yes, I'm nowhere, actually. This post will not go far, I'm sure you can sense that. I am just ranting, and even in ranting I am failing.

I know, someday it will get better. I've been reciting that mantra since... well, since time immemorial! Fooling myself that it will indeed get better someday.

I won't lie, I've seen better days and then clouds will come.

I don't know, maybe I am indeed inviting negative vibes.

I don't know.

I don't care.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Be thankful? Really?

Sometimes, when I rant... when I complain... when I feel burdened by overwhelming problems... some well-meaning friends would come to me... try to console me and say... “You should be thankful. Others have it worse.”

I know they mean well... but really?

Be thankful?

I feel sorry for them that they may be burdened too... and yes, maybe they have it worse. But be thankful that I am not where they are? Be thankful that they have it worse?

I don’t think so.