Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting a loan fast and easy

It's enrollment time and in times like these, money usually run short. And getting a loan isn't always easy, especially if you're looking for an unsecured one.

Fortunately, there for your. Where you can get loans for your immediate needs. They require no collateral, and processing is fast.

And as their name suggests, EZUnsecured - easy and unsecured. It wouldn't get any better.

So I suggest, you go visit their site now for that easy and unsecured loan.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some clarifications...

After the much publicized exposure on Rated K, I’d like to make some clarifications or answer some questions, which often were asked to me by those who saw me. Perhaps, others also have these questions on their mind.

How did you get featured?
How did they find you? Did you send them a letter? Did you send your stories? No, I didn’t write them nor any TV station for that matter. Actually, I am really surprised as to how they were able to stumble upon my blog which I don’t even promote like my other blogs.

Did they pay you?
No. Not the kind of payment that you expect. However, I did receive a kind of remuneration which they called honorarium. But it is really an amount way below what anybody would expect from an institution like them.

And lastly, not really the one who would want to burst that iconic bubble that Rated K painted for me. But I am really not the perfect loving husband that I was featured in the episode. I am far from being perfect, I have my faults. Our relationship is not a perfect one. Just like any marriages, we had our struggles.

But when it mattered the most, my wife and I, together with our children have stick it out. Because, we’re all that she has, and she’s all that we need. There have adjustments and sacrifices, especially on the part of the kids. But all through these, the experience made us a more solid family.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Learn Real Estate Investment

Being in a financial rut isn’t very nice. With your back against the wall, with no one or nowhere to turn to… is there is still hope? Perhaps, there is. With the help of Nouveau Riche University.

A real estate investment university, this institution is providing hope for people who have been in the slump for quite a long time. Providing a very conducive classroom-like environment to induce better retention and faster learning, Nouveau Riche helps its students gain knowledge on the ins and outs of real estate investment.

Knowing how lucrative the real estate industry can be, students of Nouveau Riche are better equipped than other real estate investors who did not study at Nouveau Riche University. That is because teaching the students are professional real estate investors who are already successful in their chosen field. And unselfishly, they are sharing their secrets of success to their students.

From inside the classroom and out to the streets, students of Nouveau Riche University are guided, assisted, mentored, and advised until they finally get the confidence to go out on their own. Nouveau Riche’s track record boasts of a long list of success stories from its graduate who are now established real estate investors themselves.

So why sulk in the corner when there is hope. Visit the Nouveau Riche website now and start carving your future in real estate investment.

Real Estate Success Stories

The Nouveau Riche University has helped a lot of individuals achieve their dreams of financial freedom. And they did this by teaching them the basics as well as the advanced techniques and methods in real estate investment.

But in spite of this, Nouveau Riche Scam rumors have been proliferating in the internet. And for people who doesn’t really know the real story, they could easily be carried away and believe in these rumors.

But the testimonies of the hundreds of alumni of the Nouveau Riche University would not lie. Dispelling these Nouveau Riche Scam claims are the inspirational stories of people who believed in their system and are now professional real estate investors.

These people who actually thought they were a hopeless case because they have tried everything and yet their troubles only seem to grow. Until they stumbled upon and took the chance on the Nouveau Riche system, and the rest as they say is history.

These inspiring stories of people who were able to bounce back because from financial deficit to financial success are all featured in the Nouveau Riche blog. Serving as real testimonies on the veracity of the Nouveau Riche system and finally putting an end to all those Nouveau Riche Scam rumors.

So, would you just believe in every rumor? I’d say, get all your facts first. Because you might miss out on a fine opportunity.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You're too kind!... and I meant that in a bad way

When is kindness a liability? When it is being used against you or should I say, when it is being used to take advantage of you. Or is that really kindness or being an absolute naive or shall we say stupidity?

I don’t know why but it seems that I don’t have it in me to impose or to assert any rightful claim that I might have. I grew up believing that if only everybody should only do what is right, then there is really nothing to ask from anyone. Because everything will be given, as it should be given… and everyone will be given what is due them.

But what I can’t understand it that I seem to attract the opposite of the people I was hoping to meet and believe. Save for a few who do mean well, more are out to make a sucker out of me… and usually they succeed.

We all have to look out for ourselves, I know. But should that mean taking advantage of other’s misfortunes as well?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ironies happen...

Ironies happen. Yes, just like shit. (oops! Sorry about that, I just remembered a t-shirt I once saw) And in my life, ironies happening are quite common… and are most of times irritating, if not totally absurd. Like somebody is really playing with me… or is there really?

I got my driver’s license at the time when I no longer have the confidence to drive in the street because of an accident I once had. Not really a serious one, but enough reason for me to believe that the road is not for me.

I am a CPA, but I cannot practice. Because having worked outside the field of accountancy for more than ten years has somehow made me be left behind of all the developments in the industry.

I am a blogger who doesn’t earn.

But you know what? I finally found a full time job on the internet which allows me to stay at home while I earn as much as my daytime job. This is good news because now, I can give up my job and be with my kids whenever they need me. And then… my internet connection got suspended! Bummer! Now I still have to go out to do my online job at internet shops.

But you know which irony I hated the most? Is that lately, I am getting little successes, that little by little I am getting recognized… getting something for my writing. But through all these little joys and successes, I don’t have my wife with me to share all this things.

Apprehensions on Rated K stint

Well, it’s all over my blogs. My Rated K stint this Sunday, October 12, 2008. While this whole new experience excites me no end, it also brings me lots of apprehensions as well. I really don’t know what’s peculiar with my Letters To Mama that it caught their fancy. In fact, it was the one blog which I do not advertise nor promote in any of the social networks and forums I was in… yet they were able to chance upon it.

There’s really nothing I can do right now as the shooting for the episode is already over, but to wait and see what this could bring me. I don’t know how they are going to feature it or which point they are going to highlight. But being in the limelight scares this private individual a lot.

Knowing how cruel some people can be, will it cause me to be judged as different? Would they think of me as less of a person? Would this cause me endless ridicule and mockery? Will they even see the story as a credible one? Yes I know, always the pessimist in me.

But what I am really afraid most being exposed in this much magnitude is that, it might dig up skeletons buried deep in the closet, or it could open up old wounds.

I really hope not… or if ever, I hope it will be sugar coated.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Entrecard account deleted

I was surprised to receive an e-mail that says "Your Entrecard account is deleted", great! Just what I need, another boost in my blogging career.

My Entrecard account that was deleted was my account with Roysville. It was deleted because I don't have an entrecard widget on my site. And I don't have an entrecard widget on my site because it was hosted on Wordpress, and Wordpress does not accomodate any widget that has javascript in its code. And entrecard is JavaScript.

Requesting Entrecard to come up with a non-javascript widget proved futile, and so is asking wordpress for an exception on the anti-javascript policy. So there, I maintained an Entrecard account without having any entrecard widget on my site.

Eventually, entrecard caught me (or somebody squealed, no thanks to that blogger) and deleted my account. No ifs and buts, no explanation required, they got the axe and got my blog. Even with my blog post explaining why I don't have an entrecard widget notwithstanding.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Roysville will still do just fine even without entrecard. After all, posts on that blog are not about money making or sensationalism or nonsense rants and reviews. Just pure articles of sharing my little knowledge on entrepreneurship, management, sales and service.

Yup! Roysville will do just fine.