Thursday, November 4, 2010


LOSER! Yeah! That's how I feel right now... have always been, and from the looks of it, always will be.

Maybe you're thinking, "There he goes again fishing for sympathy!" just like that what jackass from the past always thinks.

Maybe he's right! Maybe you are right! I am indeed fishing for sympathy!

Actually, I thrived! I existed on sympathy! That's why I was able to accomplished something in the past... people took pity, and that is why they made it all too easy for me.

But left on my own, I cannot really do anything... REALITY BITES!

Go ahead, shout it to my face! I know what I am... a man with nothing but visions and illusions!

I walk around with a BIG "L" printed on my forehead!

That's who I was... who I am... and who I will be.