Friday, December 25, 2009

I finally bought myself reading glasses

I finally did the inevitable.

Yesterday, I bought myself reading glasses.

I delayed it as much as I can, but frequent headaches which turned me into a pill-popping addict lately, dictate that I really needed to go easy on my eyes.

Being 41, and with almost 20 hours of my daily waking hours being glued in front of the computer, has really taken its toll on my sight.

It was long overdue, actually.

I was already prescribed reading glasses six years ago. But being prudent (read: cheapskate), the P1,500 eyeglasses was way too much for me. And I really believed then (or was it denial?) that there's nothing wrong with my eyes.

Still, I didn't take the precautionary measures. So I guess, I deserve this.

Honestly, I am not wearing my eyeglasses now as I write this post. That's how stubborn I am. I wore it for a while, but I am not really comfortable with something hanging on top of my nose.

In the days to come, I know I'll be wearing it more often though.

And NO! I don't consider it as my Christmas gift to myself.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One last Christmas wish...

This year, I was blessed so much that it might even be too much if I make one last Christmas wish... but really, I still have one, single wish for Christmas.

No, it's not the choo-choo train set I have always wished for since childhood.

My wish is for our dog Benz to be able to walk again.

Benz is an abandoned dog that we saw on the street one September morning as I was taking Angel to school. He was so small then, barely a month old I guess. On my way home, I went to where we saw him and brought him home.

At home, I noticed that he has wounds, more like burnt by cigarette or something, his tail was cut off, and he got thin shaky legs.

Honestly, he doesn't looked cute and cuddly then like how a puppy was supposed to be. Nonetheless, we took care of him and the kids love him.

In his few days with days, he brought us lots of laughter. Not because he was cute or was playing tricks, but he would always bark at my son Ralph while he was preparing his food as if telling him to hurry up.

He was also playful like our first dog Chuchi, but Benz of course has different personality.

I really don't know what happened, but in the last days of October, he can't stand anymore. The last time I saw him standing, his legs were shaking.

Ever since that day, we have given him special attention.

We pick him up to bring him to where his food was, whenever he urinates or 'move his bowel' so he won't get wet and dirty, and to put him in his corner to sleep.

We really don't mind these extra efforts, we're happy with what we're doing. But it really breaks my heart everytime I see him crawl, or when he look up on us, as he lays stationary on his place.

How I really wish I could see him walk again.

Since the day he can't walk, he wasn't the same old feisty little Benz that we know. He seemed to be more silent as the days go by... and I miss him.

If only I could see him walk again, it will be the best Christmas gift for me.