Friday, December 25, 2009

I finally bought myself reading glasses

I finally did the inevitable.

Yesterday, I bought myself reading glasses.

I delayed it as much as I can, but frequent headaches which turned me into a pill-popping addict lately, dictate that I really needed to go easy on my eyes.

Being 41, and with almost 20 hours of my daily waking hours being glued in front of the computer, has really taken its toll on my sight.

It was long overdue, actually.

I was already prescribed reading glasses six years ago. But being prudent (read: cheapskate), the P1,500 eyeglasses was way too much for me. And I really believed then (or was it denial?) that there's nothing wrong with my eyes.

Still, I didn't take the precautionary measures. So I guess, I deserve this.

Honestly, I am not wearing my eyeglasses now as I write this post. That's how stubborn I am. I wore it for a while, but I am not really comfortable with something hanging on top of my nose.

In the days to come, I know I'll be wearing it more often though.

And NO! I don't consider it as my Christmas gift to myself.


Gem said...

I think I should start lessening my hours in front of the computer too!

Roy said...

if we can help it, we should Gem. but because we earn our keeps online, sometimes we don't really have a choice.

punkypaige said...

I am only 23 but i think my eyes already have problems. I do not want to wear sunglasses. I am afraid that i will wear it forever. Sir Roy i think sunglasses can really help you a lot.

Roy said...

when I was a young boy, I have always wanted to wear eyeglasses.

I thought then that eyeglasses makes one smart :)

jan geronimo said...

This post makes me smile. Tried to get replacing glasses with contact lens, but I kept losing them in the shower. So I gave up and went back to trusty glasses. I wonder why there's no accompanying photo of you in glasses to go with this post? Yeah, I know you're still getting used to it. :)

Roy said...

haha! someday I may get a picture of me wearing eyeglasses... that would be unintentional if ever :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh, hush, you... I've worn glasses since I was SIX. Don't tell me it's all age related.

I did have to get progressive lenses at 40; unfortunately, the need for reading glasses doesn't mean the nearsightedness is gone. Now, I'm both nearsighted AND farsighted - just can't see anything in between.

Honestly, I can only do without my glasses when it's completely dark. Like a blind person, I know my way around the house, but I only expect to have to find it sightless when it's dark. Fortunately, glasses correct my vision to 20/20.

There were no "precautionary measures" you could take, Roy. The need for reading glasses is common around age 40. Vision changes may be affected by hormones, weight changes, dry eyes, age - but largely NOT by anything you did or didn't do (like using the computer). That just makes it more urgent that you deal with it, because you'll feel the effects more acutely.

I like the new header, by the way. Not as colorful or as appetizing, but crisper, cleaner, and easier on the eyes. Looks good. (Dare I point out, though, that most people who complain of eyestrain HATE white text on a dark background?)

Amor said...

I was also prescribed to wear eyeglasses in 2006 coz of my astigmatism pero hard headed din ako, last year lang ako bumili at bihira ko rin gamitin.