Friday, October 29, 2010

Damn Grim Reaper!

Damn Grim Reaper!
Sleeping on the job!
How many times have I called you?
And yet you come not
Are you deaf or are you lame?
You’re really such a shame!

Remember when I begged you
When I was still so young?
Seeking eternal rest
Cause anxiety abound
Yet you seemed so preoccupied
And you just turned a blind eye

Just recently I called again
One ordinary night
Snatch me while I sleep
Let me not see the light
But your indifference I’ve seen again
Why won’t you relieve me from my pain?

Can’t you just let a reckless maniac
run over me on the street?
Or could an innocent poison be
mixed in the food I eat?
I really do not care how
But let it be instant
Granting that you really know
How to do your job

But you I guess you’re really unreliable
You cannot do a simple task
If only I were your employer
I will surely kick your lousy ass!

October 29, 2010
7:31 pm
Angeles City

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I forgot how it feels...

"How does it feel when a girl next to you says she loves you?"

How does it feel really? Honestly, I have already forgotten how it was... not that I wanted to recall nor do I want to feel it again. I am not looking and I am not wanting... and I am not in denial!

"It seems so unfair when there's love everywhere but there's none for me"

So goes the song... pathetic isn't it?

That's one feeling I am very much aware of.

I am not really going to write anything here, nor throw any rants or whines. Just want to post this song of Rod Stewart here... you guessed it... Some Guys Have All The Luck

and some really ain't got none...

which one are you?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Could've been... Would've been...

if only things weren't as they are now
if only yesterday didn't go the way it did
if only there was a chance to turn back time
we could've been together still

it really didn't end the way we wanted to
at times I'd find myself longing for you
thinking of the happiness it would bring
and the love that it would've been

and separate lives we both have now
we can look back, and yet we have to move on
maybe we'd wish, but we can only sigh
of what could've been and would've been

October 17, 2010
1:43 PM
Angeles City