Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seemingly An Ordinary Night

Seemingly, an ordinary night
He sits alone, thoughts occupy his mind
What predicament!
Holding all those things inside

A spirit, which is not of this world
Suddenly envelopes his very being
"You don't have to suffer like this"

Overpowered... bewildered... he stands
Taking steps... even while in trance
It is now in his hands

Heart beats fast, as he holds in tight grip
A piece of metal... his ticket for his escape
His whole body now sensing everything

He paused... as he gazed at an angel asleep
Silently proceeding... to the chair where the spirit awaits
"It's now or never"
The spirit keeps on taunting

Slowly lifting, the hand that holds the steel
One last breath... not a second is wasted
It's all over... he worries no more

Seemingly, it's an ordinary night
Yet amidst the darkness, you'll hear an angel cry
Is this how it was supposed to be?


April 4, 2009
9:10 PM
Angeles City


Jan said...

I can't possibly think, what with the thick smell of gunpowder in the air. And I can't sit or lean my weary Twitter fingers anywhere lest I leave traces of my DNA.

The mood is dark. And I have no magic wand to bring a ray of sunshine into the dark. Steeling myself in its heavy and unforgiving embrace - it's all I can do.


r said...

it's better not to touch anything Jan...

better be safe than sorry