Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's bad enough that I don't get comments

I really don't get that much of a comment on any of my blog post in any of my blogs. It's a rare occurrence for me, I don't even get any on most of my post... I can live with that.

Not that I don't want it... I'm just used to it. Seems like real world for me.

But while it's bad enough that I don't get comments, it's even worse that I get a comment who calls me an 'idiotic blogger'

No, I won't link it nor will I point you to it. It's in one of my blogs, and I approved the comment. It contains, after all, useful information. I didn't edit it either. I let it go as it is.

And another comment which painted scenarios just to justify his insinuation that I am a selfish and insensible blogger -- and that one coming from someone who openly claims he respects me.

Thanks heavens! Imagine what'll I get without that respect!

I'll be damned. Blogging is my therapy and the only companion that I have. It keeps me sane (or insane, as the case may be), as it serve as an outlet for me.

Then people like these, who don't even know the kind of person I am, dares to call me names. Do I owe them anything?!

I blog responsibly. I express my opinion, and I state some facts, and when I do, I disclosed my sources.

But some overly-intelligent individuals, who are really so into themselves, take liberty into throwing 'darts' on people they pass along the way.

Yes of course, I accept disagreements. I am not an 'absolute' source and my opinions are not always the best... but it doesn't give anybody even an inch of liberty to call me names.

Damned! I'm running out words....


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Just let it pass. That's the price of being a writer and a blogger. You can't please everybody and some people just criticize for the heck of it. Just concentrate on writing for it will really help you in more ways than you will ever know. Just hang in there and you will build your own loyal readers who thinks the same way you do. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Snow said...

I think that it is not bad not to get comments. I guess a blog takes time before it gets group of readers but in time, this blog would have a niche of its own and will soar with comments.

Cheer up! ^_^

raj said...

A little bit different here at my blog. there are enough readers, but i wonder why dont they comment, they just post the comments at my chat box.
anyway, just cheer up

Jena Isle said...

You have comments Roy, I don't have comments too in a lot of my blogs, but that's okay.

Just keep writing, and all the best.

Jan said...

Very interesting. It's very easy to criticize, Roy. You just have to reach deep into your heart and pull out all the anger and what-not that are rotting in there.

It's a lazy man's art. Takes no effort, more so if spewing spite is second nature to them.

Just for the heck of it - can you point me to this commenter's vile puke? I'm going to collect some DNA samples. ",)