Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking for more online opportunities

I have always been searching for online opportunities, even before by blogging days. I have tried paid online forums and also those pay per click marketing that many of my online buddies have been spreading buzz about. Some of them are actually true, but I learned early on that nothing was really easy. I have always believed on the saying, "If something seems to be too good to be true, most probably, it is."

But that should not be enough to discourage one from searching online opportunities. One has to be really patient though, if he wants to find them. It is not easy, like what I said, nothing is really easy. As for me, I found my "money bag" so to speak in blogging... writing that is. It does not really bring me fortunes as other bloggers make, or claim to make. It does keep afloat, though.

From time to time, I still get back on those paid forums or pay-per-click opportunities, especially during bouts with writer's block.

If you are looking for online opportunities, find out which one works best for you. There are other online affiliates marketing as well. Be sure to read the details, especially the "fine prints" and study if you can really do them. Some takes time, but if you are patient enough to learn, you can thrive on those online money-making schemes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

May this not be something serious

A recurring fever that is gone one day, and then back again in less than a week's time. A feeling of being sleepy after a few minutes in front of the computer, and a tingling pain in my wrist everytime I operate my mouse. And I didn't mention yet the cough and the cold... and headache too.

Psychological? I hope so.

It's not good. And the more I become aware of it, it really doesn't feel good. I remember on my last visit at the hospital last January, I had a 150/100 BP (or was it 150/90?).

Have a check-up would be the most reasonable answer. I know it is. But back in January, I was employed, I had health card. I didn't pay a single centavo. Now, unemployed and all, why would I want to waste good money on the doctors? Especially now that I have two kids graduating, one in elementary and one in high school. Soon, would follow the enrollment of three kids.

Honestly, I am down to my last few bucks, and I really do not see any windfall coming anytime soon. Fact is, after the graduations of my two kids, we could just go home and have dinner like it was an ordinary night.

Blame me, as if I am not doing anything!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why a gray REFLECTION?

I could have chosen a different color, a livelier one.

Or I could have chosen the more formal color of black, like the first cover I designed. It has more personality… character… attitude!

But why did I choose gray for REFLECTION?

I was really vent on sticking it out with color black – dark, just like some of my poems are. But as I was designing the layout, for some reasons, the combination of the color of the text and the background didn’t appear right to me.

I tried other colors. Nothing appealed to me.

Gray was a last option.

And it felt nice – the REFLECTION appeared fine to me.

So, I choose it.

All I need now is to justify my choice, just in case someone asks.