Monday, March 28, 2011

May this not be something serious

A recurring fever that is gone one day, and then back again in less than a week's time. A feeling of being sleepy after a few minutes in front of the computer, and a tingling pain in my wrist everytime I operate my mouse. And I didn't mention yet the cough and the cold... and headache too.

Psychological? I hope so.

It's not good. And the more I become aware of it, it really doesn't feel good. I remember on my last visit at the hospital last January, I had a 150/100 BP (or was it 150/90?).

Have a check-up would be the most reasonable answer. I know it is. But back in January, I was employed, I had health card. I didn't pay a single centavo. Now, unemployed and all, why would I want to waste good money on the doctors? Especially now that I have two kids graduating, one in elementary and one in high school. Soon, would follow the enrollment of three kids.

Honestly, I am down to my last few bucks, and I really do not see any windfall coming anytime soon. Fact is, after the graduations of my two kids, we could just go home and have dinner like it was an ordinary night.

Blame me, as if I am not doing anything!

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