Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Interview With Myself - Part 3

It's been a while, with both the first interview and second interview taking place almost four years ago, this blog deemed that the time is most appropriate for another interview with myself.

And why not?! It's not like I haven't talked to myself before. So let the interview roll.

Me: Hey buddy! How are you doing?

Sugar Coated World (SCW): (surprised) Huh?! Looks like somebody's in a good mood today.

Me: Why shouldn't I be?! There's no reason not to be in a good mood!

SCW: Yeah. Like you can fool me, I know how devastated you felt when you learned that…

Me: Hey! Don't you dare mention her name!

SCW: Why? You have qualms mentioning her name in your letters.

Me: And don't give clues!

SCW: So, does that mean you're no longer going back to that hospital?

Me: I said stop that!

SCW: Okay! Okay! Let's just continue with this good mood. I might as well take advantage of it… even if I know it's just pretend.

Me: (sigh)

SCW: Well, it's been a while. The last time we talked was in 2008. And some of my brothers are no longer with us now. I hate to say this, but I miss them.

Me: Yeah, I miss them too. But there's nothing I can do about that. Their host suddenly folded up without warning and I was not able to save them.

SCW: I hope that won't happen to me

Me: Nah! I don't think Blogger will let that happen.

SCW: So, let's get down to business, shall we? A lot have happened in those four years! I mean, look at you now! You got black hair again!

Me: Must you really mention that?!

SCW: (laughs) Hehe… sorry bro, can't help noticing it. Okay, the last time we talked your blog was featured in Rated K in Channel 2, and now here we are again with a longer exposure of your letters blog, complete with your life story on TV5's Real Confession. You're really getting famous bro! I'm proud of you!

Me: Cut that out! I'm not famous. Nobody recognized me. I hardly looked like Wendell Ramos hahaha… besides, that was shown November of last year, we are already on the second half of 2012.

SCW: Because we never had the chance to talk last year. I bet, you made a lot of people cry again with your story.

Me: Dude! You know I'm not all for that! I did not write the script! I did not act in the story! They just featured a story based on my life story and the story behind my letters! I do not go out intentionally making people cry!

SCW: But I meant that as a complement! Geez! Why do I keep on forgetting that I'm talking to Mr. Sensitive here?

Me: What did you just say?!

SCW: Nothing. So, how were the feedbacks?

Me: My friends who watched it said it was a nice and touching story. A couple of friends sent me text messages telling me that I made them cry. Again, that was never my intention.

SCW: Of course it's not! And how were the attention after. Did people start recognizing you on the street after that?

Me: Ironically, and fortunately for me, there were less viewers on the TV5 show because it was just the pilot episode and does not really have a following yet. Other than my friends who I informed about the schedule, nobody really knew about it. So I was able to walk on the streets the next day without being conscious.

SCW: Maybe there are others who watched it but were not really aware that the story was about someone who was just within the neighborhood.

Me: Maybe, especially since I just appeared at the last part of the show.

SCW: Anyway, at least it's all good. You shared your story and your feet are still on the ground… I hope.

Me: Of course they are!

SCW: And your book, before I forgot. Congratulations! Your poetry book REFLECTION finally became a reality! I'm proud of you bro!

Me: Thanks! Yes, finally my dream came true last year. I was able to publish my poetry book REFLECTION and got some positive feedback as well. Most of them, of course, are from friends.

SCW: Maybe, but I'm sure there were some from people who do not really know you.

Me: Yes, there were a few.

SCW: See! What else have we forgotten? Ah yes, two speaking engagements last year! The first one in iBlog7 and another in the awarding of the winners of a short story writing competition. You're on a roll bro!

Me: Well, random things. They can happen to anyone, you know.

SCW: I heard you brought the house down in your talk on writer's block in iBlog7, and your inspirational talk in SM Clark during the awards night wasn't so bad too. In fact, you even got an affirmation sometime later, right?

Me: The writer's block talk, I got carried away. I honestly didn't expect that I would have that kind of reception. But I enjoyed it. The talk on SM Clark was just an ordinary talk, or so I thought. Until a lady approached me in the mall after a few months and said she was inspired by my talk. Isn't that awesome! People listened to me!

SCW: Of course they would! You got more than blackened-white-hair on top of your head bro!

Me: Really now.

SCW: (laughs) Sorry, Freudian slip hehehe….

Me: (rolls eyes)

SCW: Before we wrap up this interview, can you tell me what's next? I mean what are your plans now? What can we expect from you this year and the years to come?

Me: Hmm… I just completed my compilation of short stories and hope to publish my short stories book this year, hopefully before September ends. Then, work on my next book which is Kapampangan poetry, and maybe start work on REFLECTION 2, also on a book about being a single father, a short novel maybe and then, write more books. I also wish I can finally get original songs recorded and played on the mainstream this year. I do have lots of plans. I hope I can focus myself and accomplish all those plans.

SCW: That won't be too hard, I guess. You did it once, you can it again… and again… and again.

Me: Thank buddy!

SCW: And thank you very much for this nice conversation! Any last words?

Me: Yes, are you sure nobody's looking? I really feel stupid doing these interviews.

SCW: (whispering) Don't worry, they won't notice.

Friday, August 3, 2012



They say they're not yet ready because of a failed relationship, and so you wait for the right time... only to find out that they have a new love.

It's not her. It's me.

I'm totally unworthy.

One thing I know for sure...

She will be the last woman I will ever love.