Monday, December 22, 2008

An Interview with myself - Part 2

Well, it seems that this blog wasn't satisfied with the first interview, that it wants to get me into the 'seat' again. Since I really don't have anything better to do (being sick, cold and all), I decided to give in to his whims.

Me: Okay, so what is it this time?

Sugar Coated World (SCW): Hey, loosen up! Where not starting yet and you're already uptight. You are really getting into your character here.

Me: Ya, ya, ya, go ahead with your questions.

SCW: So how's your Christmas?

Me: So, do you want to end this interview right this instance?

SCW: C'mon, don't be such a spoiler, answer the question.

Me: Of all people, I mean blogs, you would ask me that question?! You know how my Christmas is! And how it will be for the years to come!

SCW: Hmmm.... looks like I won't get any decent answer from you on that. So, how's the blogosphere treating you lately?

Me: Well, if you would only get a higher page rank I would be able to get more writing opportunities and earn more, perhaps I can get more respect then.

SCW: Me?! Page rank?! Hey, it's your fault! It's you who is posting craps on me!

Me: Craps?! You call my posts craps?!

SCW: What would you call all those hatred, angst, pains, frustrations and other emotional outburst? You think people would love to hear you whine?

Me: But you were created for that purpose?!

SCW: And even for that reason, you rarely get me updated, ei?

Me: Look who's getting into whose character now.

SCW: Okay, let's change the topic. I can see that you're quite a celebrity now. More people know you and your letters since that TV stint you had.

Me: Yeah, it's was quite a ride I admit. Who would've have thought that talking to the dead can get me into the limelight.

SCW: Of course it will! It is full of emotion! It's just the perfect bait for the media! Don't you know that?

Me: Hey,!I didn't create that blog just to catch any media's attention or to create some hype! You know that!

SCW: Well, at least you got some positive reactions. You brought inspirations to others because of your letters. Some people realized that they should show their love to their family while they're still alive.

Me: Those were the positive comments. But you know what? I followed some links, and you wouldn't believe what were some of the reaction was.

SCW: What?!

Me: Some thinks it's creepy, you know talking to the dead and stuff. Some even take me for a lunatic, writing all those letters to a departed love one, and get this, one even took note of my imperfect English like she was my grammar teacher!

SCW: Hahaha! People have their opinion, you can't take that away from them.

Me: Yeah! Like I care!

SCW: And what would they think of now when they see you talking to yourself? Hahaha!

Me: Hahaha!

SCW: Hey, thanks a lot for this opportunity. This is the nicest conversation I had with you so far. But before we wrap up, I got some friends here who has some message for you.

Me: Really?! You have friends? Hahaha!

SCW: Cut that crap, let's hear them out, here they are.

Be Inspired Now: Hi there brother! I know how hard it is for you lately. Just hold to HIM, He sees everything and He is in charge. Take care 'bro!

more than copy-paste: Hey! Thank you for making me a better blog than just a mere copy-paste. I'm enjoying it all now. Merry Christmas! Just hang in there!

Money Online: Hi! Just keep on going. Money may be important, but it's not the most important thing in the world. We can get there in time, we don't need to hurry. In the meantime, spend more time with your kids. It's holiday!

Letters To Mama: Hi! Next to this blog, I'm the one who knows all your frustrations. You may not believe it, but I do send all those letters to your wife. She knows everything, and she is with you. Take care.

Kapampangan blog: As much as I would like to talk in my native tongue, my colleagues here might not understand and may not like it. Anyway, this is just what I have to say, "
Agyu 'ta yan, 'bro!" We can do it brother!

Roysville: Honestly, you are a revelation to me. I didn't know you had all those business sense in you. Keep sharing those, who knows? Someday, we might get our own book published ;)

House Of Puroy: Although I have remained to be just a blog and no longer an enterprise, I am still happy being with you. We brought some attention to a lot people regarding how service and product expectation should be. They may not always agree, but I know we can always back up our claim. Keep it up!

The Struggling Blogger: Looking forward to more struggles with you. Just like my brothers here, I will be with you all the way. I know all your plans and I'm backing you up 100%! Let's move forward brother!

Sugar Coated World: What? Do you really think I will let this pass without me delivering a message too? I may be your interviewer right now, but I'm still one of your blogs. Anyway, I just want to say that, please don't mind all those things that I throw at you sometimes. It's just what I am, you know, the 'character' thing. But I'm always behind you... always.

REFLECTIONS: Hello, I've been with you from the start and I know I will be with you 'til the end. I'm still looking forward to our book getting published, I know it will come true someday. Take care. Just keep writing.

Me: (sniff) where would I be without you guys.


Eric S. said...

That's an interesting way to put a spin on your post. Even when your struggle, you can bring yourself up with a good self conversation. I talk to myself all the time, ha, ha, ha.

Hope things get easier with time.

Jena Isle said...

And from GEWGAW WRITINGS and its sisters, life is not a bunch of roses, but it smells good is not life without its challenges. I know you'll keep that positive spirit no matter what. Happy holidays.

Roy said...

Hi Eric and Jena! Thanks for the lift up. This is just how I keep myself sane (although it looks more like a display of the opposite)

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. 'appreciate it.

Happy holidays!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Wow, that was something! I might need to try that!

Roy said...

hehehe... you should, it's fun

just be careful because somebody might be watching ;)

jessie said...


Natawa naman ako dito sa post mo. Monologue. Pero it's a refreshing post. Merry Christmas bro. God bless you and your family.

Roy said...

hi Jessie,

salamat napasyal ka dito.

madalas kong gawin yan, di nga lang pinopost lahat, hehe...

merry christmas bro!

Angel Cuala said...

Nice interview post! lol! Anyway, I believe that you're going a long way. I can see that you are creative enough, and can bring the house down.

Lastly, I know that the free e-book can help you a lot. If you want to ask me more about it, you know where to find me.

Keep it up!
Merry Christmas!

Roy said...

Hi Sir Angel,

I long have been considering to be a stand-up comedian, but I fear that they might not take me seriously... they might take me for a joker :(

Merry Christmas!

Amor said...

Wow ang galing, nakakatuwa, I really find it creative. Maganda yung mga set of questions.

Sa galing mong yan may pumansin pa sa grammar mo? Buti na lang di sya naliligaw sa blog ko, haha. At ang dami mong blog ha.

Merry Christmas din po.

Roy said...

Hi Amor!


tashabud said...

HA! HA! HA! That is one funny post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know exactly what will be the money maker for you in 2009. Be a one man show with this very skit! I love it! I love it! Give it thought and see what you can do with this material.

Happy New Year!

redchair said...

Hi Roy,
Great blog and what a fresh approach. I'll definitely be a regular.

Happy New Year

Roy said...

Hi Tasha!

that's really funny, it wasn't really my intention to make people laugh....

but if that's the effect, hmmm... I might seriously give it a thought ;)

thanks for dropping by


Roy said...

Hi Vikki,

Nice of you to take a break from your redchair and drop by.

I really appreciate it.



Gem said...

This is just hilarious, I read both the first and the second one.

Thanks for making my day!