Saturday, September 29, 2012

I wish I were an idiot

Sometimes I wish I were an idiot. Stupid. A dumb person who doesn't know anything. Dumber than the two guys from the Dumb and dumber movie.

Then maybe... just maybe... maybe I would have a more peaceful life. Because if I were such an idiot, I will just accept anything and everything that is handed down to me . I would not react, I would not ask, and definitely, I won't do anything.

Then I won't get into trouble running into selfish individuals whose self-serving motives do not even consider the plight of other people.

I wouldn't mind being taken advantage of because I would not know.

I wouldn't mind being taken for an idiot because I would not know, and in fact I am.

I wouldn't care if I didn't get my way and my rights. It wouldn't matter.

There wouldn't be any chaos. I wouldn't cause too trouble that could even harm other people just because I thought they deserved better, because I would not know that.

How peaceful can that be?

Really, I wish I were an idiot.... or maybe... I already am.