Friday, September 5, 2008

An Interview With Myself

Because I haven't been blogging here, this blog decided to ask me some questions, a sort of interview if you may.

So, how are you?
I'm fine. But let's cut the crap, and go ahead with your questions.

Hmm... touchy are we? Okay, will you admit that this blog is your least favorite?
Now, why did you say that?

Of all the blogs you have, this blog has the farthest number of days in between posts.
You noticed. Well because people would love to read beautiful and inspiring stories more than one who talks of pains and frustrations. And they'd rather read about blogs telling how much money they earn than read about one's whining.

I see, so you'd rather write like you have an inspiring story to tell or you're really earning from your other blogs.
I really wish I could write more inspiring stories or earn from my blogs. Unfortunately, the opposite of both are true.

I would agree with that, I can see that you're not also writing as much in your Be Inspired! blog that much.
Well, you can't really force inspiration. The readers will notice if you're just making it up.

So how's the blogosphere been treating you?
O great! I got 9 blogs who really isn't getting that much hits, with 0 PR and some seem to be not even indexed by Google, no subscribers and not even much cards drop from EntreCard. I can say that the blogosphere is really treating me well.

Sorry about that. We'll I've been told too, are you trying to live in the past?
Now, where did that come from?

Why then do you need your Letters To Mama blog?
As you can see, I really don't have anybody here with whom I can talk to. That blog is my connection to my wife. It also keeps me sane by providing me an outlet of all my thoughts and feelings.

Why don't you try to talk to real people?
Yeah! Like they care!

By the way, since your wife is gone, and you're already free and all-
Hey! Don't go there!

Well, it's just that haven't you really given it a thought to go back-
I said don't go there! Shut up!

Okay, okay! I really don't have anything to ask anymore. How do you feel about this interview?
I feel stupid!


Jena Isle said...

This is hilarious Roy, I didn't know you were a raconteur too..he he he... You should post more often about humor in your other blogs. Life has to go on. Think about your children. All the best.

Btw, I have posted also the conclusion of your story last month at my Gewgaw Writings. Cheers.

Roy said...

you made me rush to my dictionary again...

so, raconteur is a nice word, hehe..


zorlone said...


Are you okay now? hehehe. you have so many personalities and all expressed in your blogs. The businessman, the serious guy, the comedian, the poet, what else? Oh, there are other sides of yourself not seen here. Maybe, in other hidden blogs, huh?

I enjoyed reading this. Reminded me of Gollum and Smeagol.


Roy said...

hehehe, thanks for reading this Z

yes, in fact, there could be even more sides that I don't even know...

I was actually thinking then, what would a psychologist/psychiatrist say to me