Saturday, August 30, 2008

My children don't deserve another sick parent!

I hope it's just paranoia that I'm feeling. But last night, I woke up with so much pain... it hurts so much that I was in fact crying in pain. And I felt so cold... thought I was chilling. All my kids were sound asleep, they never knew what was happening to me.

Today, I was in pain the whole day. The lower back at the right side is where it hurts the most. I remember my wife telling me that if it hurts on that part, it indicate something is wrong with the kidney... she should know. It was the cause of her death.

As I was working... through the day, it wasn't once I almost fainted. If only I weren't conscious enough to stop working for a while and rest, I know I could have dropped within a few minutes.

I was worried. Not for me, not for the pain that I feel, but for my kids. They don't deserve another sick parent who will deprive them of what they should be having.

I don't know. Who cares?

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