Monday, August 4, 2008

My post got disapproved

How cunning! Social spark let my post stayed for a week... only to be told that it was disapproved. The reason? There is no interim post, 7 days after my submitted post. And all the while their link is up there running and getting traffic thru my post.

These affiliate blogging is really giving me a hard time, and I have yet to get anything from. It's either my blogs get disapproved for reasons that I can't understand ("we can't approve your blog cause it's set to private" wtf! my blogs aren't set to private!), or my blogs get approved... and yet, there are no opportunities!

Now, here I got an opportunity and then I'm dealt with technicalities! I got to get the deal with these affiliate blogging. Either that or I totally abandon them.

I've been giving them my infos (emails, etc.), and giving them lead links. And so far, I have yet to get a penny from them.

I am not deleting the post... I'm letting it stay to remind me of how cunning these affiliate blogging links are.

And yes, I do get lots of spam emails, thank you.

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