Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lord, I am not asking for millions!

No Lord, I am not asking that much. I am only asking for a chance to be given a clean slate so I can start again... for the sake of my children. The storm that passed us has left me with more than just bruised ego, a diminished self-esteem and a deeply tarnished reputation, it has also left me deep in debt.

Lord, I thank You for finally giving my wife the rest she deserved, and for giving me a work, both in the real world and on the net, but being in a negative financial state, all these seem to be for naught. Every time the phone rings, I am filled with anxiety. Every month-end, I feel more worried... and recently I received another notice of disconnection from the electric company.

Lord, don't give me millions. It's not really what I'm asking for. But please give the opportunity to be able walk with dignity... where I can get respect, instead of pity and sympathy. Where I will no longer be wanting, and I will no longer need to beg.

I pray to You my Lord, You know what's best. I know I don't have the right ask Your ways. That's why I'm praying my God, not for my own sake, but for my children. They have already suffered and sacrificed enough.

Sure, I could use the millions, I won't deny that. But if I can't manage it in such a way that it can alleviate our predicament, I don't need it.

Give me money, I'm praying for that Lord, but give me too the wisdom, courage and strength to carry on.

I beg you Lord... I pray.

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