Thursday, April 23, 2009

When there's no man in the house

"I don't believe this!" Amanda said, "What is it Mom?" her daughter Cindy asked.

"The faucet. A day after your father went away on a three-week out-of-town assignment, it has to be busted. Now, what do we do? I can't fix this?!" She exclaimed.

"Mom, we're in Atlanta right?" Cindy asked, "Yes, and does that connect to my problem?"

Cindy replied, "Then why don't you call the D.E.W. Plumbing!", Amanda looked at her daughter puzzled, "D.E. what?!"

"D.E.W. Plumbing mom! They're a quick service Atlanta Plumber, they will have that busted faucet fixed in no time! And they won't charge a fortune!"

"Here Mom," Cindy continued as she hands the phone to Amanda, "call them at 678-804-7425, tell them what's the problem is, and you can have your estimated cost over the phone. No surprise charges Mom! And I also heard they're the best plumbing service company here in Atlanta."

Amanda still looking puzzled as she listens to her daughter, "In these days Mom, especially since Dad is not here, we can't just let anybody in our house. It's dangerous! At least with D.E.W., we're assured that we are safe cause they have a professional reputation to protect... and please Mom, don't ever attempt to fix that faucet yourself."

Finally, Amanda was able to talk, "How old are you again?" she asked Cindy, "eleven Mom!" was the quick reply. "And how did you know all of these?" Amanda follows.

"Internet Mom! Internet."


WebbieLady said...

That was amazing! I think you can compose advertising scripts for tv and radio and you will not have any difficulties at all!

I now this was some kind of paid post but you did it so amazingly. I like it! It also is within the theme of the blog.

Roy said...

Thanks Webbie!

To be honest, I gave myself a pat in the back with this post. I thought I was clever... pretty vain, hehehe...