Friday, October 29, 2010

Damn Grim Reaper!

Damn Grim Reaper!
Sleeping on the job!
How many times have I called you?
And yet you come not
Are you deaf or are you lame?
You’re really such a shame!

Remember when I begged you
When I was still so young?
Seeking eternal rest
Cause anxiety abound
Yet you seemed so preoccupied
And you just turned a blind eye

Just recently I called again
One ordinary night
Snatch me while I sleep
Let me not see the light
But your indifference I’ve seen again
Why won’t you relieve me from my pain?

Can’t you just let a reckless maniac
run over me on the street?
Or could an innocent poison be
mixed in the food I eat?
I really do not care how
But let it be instant
Granting that you really know
How to do your job

But you I guess you’re really unreliable
You cannot do a simple task
If only I were your employer
I will surely kick your lousy ass!

October 29, 2010
7:31 pm
Angeles City


Holly Jahangiri said...

53.4 million people die each year -
yet this one says, "Death, you lazy ass,"
brazen, bold, without a hint of fear!
"Bring on the poison, guns, or gas!"

He pleads with Death and dares to mock it.
Guns, gas, or poison? Too mundane!
(How 'bout a dampened finger in the socket?)
Death, once mocked, insists on pain.

Yes, I remember when you begged me -
What youthful, angst-filled teen does not?
Life stayed my hand, with wise entreaty -
"Sweet love's joy, he's not yet caught."

Each night you prayed for me to spare you
Life and joy and loss and pain.
By morning's light, Life did ensnare you
While other souls I sought to gain.

Oh, you and I will have our moment,
It's not indifference in my gaze;
Not to prolong YOUR mortal torment -
Though for now, Life stays my blade.

"He does not see how love surrounds
him, there on earth and from above.
His grief's a wild thing that hounds
him, thinking that he's lost his love."

Oh, Life! Eternal Optimist!
More jaded, I will bide my time.
Life's not so easily dismissed;
She claims your death would be a crime.

Life, it seems, hears other voices...
Youthful, rash, and full of love.
Life knows, and Life rejoices
That for now, they are enough.

jan geronimo said...

Whatever we say about the Grim Reaper I suspect he'd smile reading this poem. Well, that is if mockery is his cup of tea.

I'm thankful Holly posted a poem as a response. It's wise, lovely and reassuring.

Especially this line: "Oh, you and I will have our moment, it's not indifference in my gaze."

Just remember not put the Grim Reaper on speed dial, okay?

Holly Jahangiri said...

The Grim Reaper does not like prank callers, Jan.

jan geronimo said...

@Holly: Yes, it's foolish to try his patience. Might as well explore if there's anything to be had in Life's sweet love's joy.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Indeed, Jan, indeed. :)

P.S. What is "niblatio"? I think I may have to use that in Wordy Wednesday. (Hint: It's my CAPTCHA code for this comment. But it struck me funny.)

Holly Jahangiri said...

P.P.S ROFL!! The next CAPTCHA code is "emodumme" - okay, that's just funny. Admit it. Funny.