Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death beckoned

If death is really bound to come
be it now, while I am young
For if in youth I die, I'll remain
a happy person, free from vain

True, I lived my life in bliss
I tried to keep my life in peace
But it is also the main reason
why I want to leave my young season

For I'd rather leave while I am loved
while I am happy, while I am proud
For then I can keep myself free
from all the evils that await me

While I am young, I am pure
I'm still worthy, I'm still sure
But if I tarry, sin will be done
and another evil I will become

Can't take the fact that I will fall
then I'll be cursed, then I'll be thrown
And those who know will look down
and ridicule me just like a clown

I don't want to live in vain
I'd rather leave while I am sane
In a loud voice, I cry my plea
eternal rest, be unto me

July 11, 1989
8:45 PM
Sampaloc, Manila


madz said...

Then, we have different perspective when it comes to death. I don't wanna die young. There are still a lot of things I wanted to do. I wanted to die after spending 'the rest of my life' with the one I love. And that would mean growing old with him :)

Roy said...

Hi Madz!

This poem was written in 1989, I was 21 then... single, and without anyone to think about or consider regarding my decisions...

of course, that is all different now ;)

Jena Isle said...

Wow , ang ganda. I was expecting the "catch" sa ending, wala pala...he he he..Naisahan mo na naman ako doon.

Very " nifty and tangy " poem. I like it.

Roy said...

hahaha... you got used to the catch hehe..

thanks Jena!

Holly Jahangiri said...

Isn't it interesting how the years change our views on life and death? I dreaded death less, at 21, as well. I'd lived a good life, I was happy, I certainly didn't welcome death - but I had less to lose, in many ways. I didn't have the same attachments: husband, kids, the knowledge that old age and death really were just around the corner and inevitable. Now, I guess I know how much there is to live for, and how much more I still want to see and do and experience, and I have a sense of how very quickly time passes.

Roy said...

Indeed Holly, it changed, and I'm glad it does

There's really a great difference when you only decide for yourself and when you know that you need to consider others before making any choices

zorlone said...

This is my kinda poem. he he he. Well, not that I am suicidal, but I like the rhythm and the imagery of the lines.

"why I want to leave my young season"

This is my favorite line.

Seasons change, like a cycle, they mature too quick and die out. But, they will come back again for another turn of the wheel.

Unfortunately for us, once our seasons have changed and our lives spent, there is no more turning back.


Dragonblogger said...

I thought this was a very well written poem, the first verse reminded me of the famous.

If I'm dead before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take