Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Lord of Death has spoken

Who are you that you do
ask for death to fall on you?
Man, you really are a folly
why not wait for your destiny?

Are you running out of your sanity?
That in my rest you disturb me
A foolish person that you are
your wishes are getting too far!

Do you think that I am proud?
Of this duty given by God
Hatred and all indifference
and not given a chance for defense

Now, here you are who ask
which to me is just an easy task
Though I can do what you ask to
your kin will curse me if I do

Go now and continue
live the life given to you
Never again ask for death
for you have a place on Earth

Just go on and let it be
live and follow your destiny
And I'll return when time is due
then, eternal rest be unto you

July 12, 1989
3:10 PM
Sampaloc, Manila

*my reply to my own poem Death Beckoned


Jena Isle said...

Ouch, tinanggihann ka ni Kamatayan..he he he...Kasi may tatlong anghel na umaasa sa iyo Roy. God is wise and loving.

Roy said...

oo nga Jen, hindi pa daw niya duty :)

Dragonblogger said...

Two death poems this week and both have similar feel and use the word eternal in them. Hope you had a good week and this is just random poetry.

Roy said...

yes Justin I do, no worries.

these poems were from written when I was still (very) young ;)


zorlone said...

Geez, tinatamad lang si death LOL


Roy said...

hahaha! may attitude problem si Kamatayan Z lols

zorlone said...

Your version of death and my version of a guardian angel should hang out!