Saturday, September 5, 2009

The War Path

An old wound cracked open
Treachery of a friend from the past confirmed
I can only ask why
Perceived pain, or just plain envy?

The war path is clear and wide open
Confrontation on the cowardly act
For all those endless anxieties served
And the countless nights I haven’t slept

Hateful threads spun with venom lies
Of someone hiding in a virtual disguise
With the cloak removed, revealing the beast
I found I live with an enemy within striking distance

This ghost from the past who comes back to haunt me
Each time I gain success or seem to be happy
All these times, I can only ask why
I haven’t caused pain, nor did I even try

The war path invites, it seems logical to trek
And face the coward I even called friend
Should I? Should I not? A decision I must make
Stoop down to his level… and swim with him in his pool of misery.

September 6, 2009
8:15 AM
Angeles City


pamatayhomesick said...

better be prepare for everything and prayer is the best foundation to win!...

Roy said...

maramin salamat Pareng Ever!

Jena Isle said...

Why stoop down to his own misery and low level? That is exactly what he wants to happen, for you to be unhappy and miserable like him. Being indifferent to his antics would make HIM miserable instead.

Roy said...

Hi Jena,

yes, I believe in law of karma... things will come around


jan geronimo said...

Living well is the best revenge - that saying still holds true. Living well does only mean material wealth, of course. It's a kind of living unencumbered with hate and regret.

Let him/her have all the hate and regret. He lives off on it.

If you venture out on making him pay? There's another saying for that eventuality - Bring along two knives. Yes, there's no winner when this happens.

Take heart, Roy. You're better off than he is. That much is obvious. :)

zorlone said...


Turn the other cheek? Well, worse comes to worse, better do what Ever suggested.


Dragonblogger said...

Excellent poem about what may have happened between to friends, adultery, thievery, vying for the same woman... The past is a mystery.

Roy said...

Yes Justin, it was a mystery... a mystery that I really wish wasn't revealed.