Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WOOF Contest winners September 11, 2009

WOOF Contest – Top Picks


Dragon Blogger – “The Greatest Meal - Poem inspired by 15 random words about the best meal ever made.

Zorlone – “Awakening” - A glimpse of a version of the future seen in a dream.

Jennifer M Scott – “The First Day - A poem to commemorate my daughter's first day of school.


Roy – “Your Dad is better than my Dad!" - A story about two boys... and their Dads.

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(WOOF participants should re-post all the links above by next Monday. The following links may be excluded as long as you include all the above links.)

Presenting the finest of the writer’s blogs by the bloggers who write them. Highlighting the top posts as chosen by the September 11, 2009 WOOF Contest participants. Want in to join the next WOOF? The next contest ends September 18. Submit a link to your best writing post of the last 3 weeks using the form on this page. Participants, repost the winning link list within a week and you’re all set.

Other WOOF Contestants for 09/11/09


H. Benjamin Petrie – “Tactless Housemate Monologue - A short monologue in which a housemate tactlessly asks to borrow condoms.


Roy – “The War Path - The discovery of the treachery and hate attacks of someone disguised as a friend...

Jennifer M Scott – “Lucid Thoughts- More surrealism.


Roy – “Excited for Christmas this yearThe excitement and anticipation of a brighter Christmas for the kids....


Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

congrats to all the top picks

Roy said...

maraming thank you pareng ever!