Friday, September 18, 2009

A bird, a cage, and me...

A beautiful bird I had
Inside a golden cage
A cage so big enough
For her to fly around within

At first she was happy
Flying within the cage
While singing sweet melodies
To delight her master's ears

But then after some time
She began to be sad
She no longer fly around
Within the golden cage

And so I wondered why
She became unhappy
When caring, she was given
And love, she was endowed

One day, I saw her
Looking outside the cage
Seeing other birds
Flying around... and free

So then, I decided
To open the golden cage
Holding her in my hands
She started to fly

I've never seen her so happy
Flying around the trees
And sitting on its branch
Took one last look at me

Then she began to fly
And she flew so high
'til she's out of my sight...
Or, was it tears in my eyes?

Alone, there I stand
Beside my golden cage
A cage though full of beauty
Yet quiet and empty

Beside my golden cage, I waited
Looking at the sky
Hoping that my bird
Will someday return...

December 15, 1990
11:46 AM
Angeles City

*another poem from my youth...


Jena Isle said...

Oh, the nostalgic memories when we were young. This one tugged at my heartstrings. I could imagine the "feelings" you have felt letting go of something you have cherished so much.

An emotion-provoking poem, Roy. You did it again. I was preparing myself for the "revelation" at the end..he he he...

Roy said...

hahaha! thanks Jena

zorlone said...

It is definitely hard to let go once you have attached yourself to it. Be it an object, a friend, or a child. Sometimes, we just have to leave those cages open. ;)


Webbielady said...

I was thinking of two things as I read your composition, Roy.

1. No matter how gallant or precious the cage is, it can be diamond or what, to the creature inside it, it is still a "cage"... a "prison".

2, The poem is so meaningful that I started thinking of the other meaning... the human equivalent, those people who feel "imprisoned" for any reason... like a woman who's being like "owned" by a man...something like that.

Roy said...

Hi Z,

definitely, it's hard. letting go was never easy.

Roy said...

Hi Webbielady!

you are right, there was a 'human equivalent'...