Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Narcissus

He walks inside a grandiose mall
Where he was glancing as he take his stride
For he can't help but admire his transparent reflection
On the glass panels of every establishments within

And because he wasn't looking to where he's going
He bumped into another fellow... and how!
Picked himself up from the floor and approached the other man
"You fool! Why don't you watch where I'm going?!"

Our guy continued and went on his way
He can't help but look at his reflection still
But now, he's more conscious of people around him
He doesn't want to be shamed again by the floor

And whom shall he meet inside the mall
But a friend he never saw for quite a while
So he approached him and chatted him up
The poor fellow was not successful to escape

He boasts of his regimen and his discipline
Where he credits his physique and fair skin
The healthy foods that he only devours
And how he'd been mistaken before for a star

The other fellow appear bored and nonchalant
From what his friends has been saying so far
He's known this guy for long, and wasn't surprised
That the only pronouns he knows are I, me and mine

The Narcissus noticed his friends alienated stance
"I'm really sorry, I've been hugging the conversation
of course, I know you have something to say too...
what about you my friend... what can you say about me?"

September 20, 2009
Angeles City


Holly Jahangiri said...


We all know this fellow, I think. (Though sometimes, he dresses as a woman.) And we must all guard against becoming like him.

Roy said...

Hi Holly, I'm sure we all at one time have met this person... and yes, it's not really impossible to become like him (in fact its quite easy lol)

Jena Isle said...

To whom are you referring to, me? I certainly hope not.

Roy said...


nice one Jena :)

jan geronimo said...

Hmmm. It's very easy to become just like Mang Narciso. Good point.

You have all my permission whenever I get carried away strutting my stuff in the malls...of the blogosphere. Ahehehe.

Roy said...

hahaha! Nice name Jan ;)