Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Entrecard account deleted

I was surprised to receive an e-mail that says "Your Entrecard account is deleted", great! Just what I need, another boost in my blogging career.

My Entrecard account that was deleted was my account with Roysville. It was deleted because I don't have an entrecard widget on my site. And I don't have an entrecard widget on my site because it was hosted on Wordpress, and Wordpress does not accomodate any widget that has javascript in its code. And entrecard is JavaScript.

Requesting Entrecard to come up with a non-javascript widget proved futile, and so is asking wordpress for an exception on the anti-javascript policy. So there, I maintained an Entrecard account without having any entrecard widget on my site.

Eventually, entrecard caught me (or somebody squealed, no thanks to that blogger) and deleted my account. No ifs and buts, no explanation required, they got the axe and got my blog. Even with my blog post explaining why I don't have an entrecard widget notwithstanding.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Roysville will still do just fine even without entrecard. After all, posts on that blog are not about money making or sensationalism or nonsense rants and reviews. Just pure articles of sharing my little knowledge on entrepreneurship, management, sales and service.

Yup! Roysville will do just fine.


Anonymous said...

lol. Entrcard is a widget based website. It EVOLVES around the widget! You did not display it thus you are not participating in it.

See the "card" word at the end of EntreCARD? That is the card which your meant to display... You never because does not allow it.

instead of complaining about entrecard removing your site for having NO widget why not complain to even if you have... Still no need to complain about ec.

Its like you saying "I want to run a blog but do not want to write any posts... I also do not want it to be online" but i w2ant to be on google and earn from Adsense.

Roy said...

point well taken

thanks for dropping by

iva said...

a few of my entrecards have been deleted as well.. and that's because i deleted the blogs (merged them all in tfw). ahaha :D