Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some clarifications...

After the much publicized exposure on Rated K, I’d like to make some clarifications or answer some questions, which often were asked to me by those who saw me. Perhaps, others also have these questions on their mind.

How did you get featured?
How did they find you? Did you send them a letter? Did you send your stories? No, I didn’t write them nor any TV station for that matter. Actually, I am really surprised as to how they were able to stumble upon my blog which I don’t even promote like my other blogs.

Did they pay you?
No. Not the kind of payment that you expect. However, I did receive a kind of remuneration which they called honorarium. But it is really an amount way below what anybody would expect from an institution like them.

And lastly, not really the one who would want to burst that iconic bubble that Rated K painted for me. But I am really not the perfect loving husband that I was featured in the episode. I am far from being perfect, I have my faults. Our relationship is not a perfect one. Just like any marriages, we had our struggles.

But when it mattered the most, my wife and I, together with our children have stick it out. Because, we’re all that she has, and she’s all that we need. There have adjustments and sacrifices, especially on the part of the kids. But all through these, the experience made us a more solid family.

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