Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You're too kind!... and I meant that in a bad way

When is kindness a liability? When it is being used against you or should I say, when it is being used to take advantage of you. Or is that really kindness or being an absolute naive or shall we say stupidity?

I don’t know why but it seems that I don’t have it in me to impose or to assert any rightful claim that I might have. I grew up believing that if only everybody should only do what is right, then there is really nothing to ask from anyone. Because everything will be given, as it should be given… and everyone will be given what is due them.

But what I can’t understand it that I seem to attract the opposite of the people I was hoping to meet and believe. Save for a few who do mean well, more are out to make a sucker out of me… and usually they succeed.

We all have to look out for ourselves, I know. But should that mean taking advantage of other’s misfortunes as well?

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