Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ironies happen...

Ironies happen. Yes, just like shit. (oops! Sorry about that, I just remembered a t-shirt I once saw) And in my life, ironies happening are quite common… and are most of times irritating, if not totally absurd. Like somebody is really playing with me… or is there really?

I got my driver’s license at the time when I no longer have the confidence to drive in the street because of an accident I once had. Not really a serious one, but enough reason for me to believe that the road is not for me.

I am a CPA, but I cannot practice. Because having worked outside the field of accountancy for more than ten years has somehow made me be left behind of all the developments in the industry.

I am a blogger who doesn’t earn.

But you know what? I finally found a full time job on the internet which allows me to stay at home while I earn as much as my daytime job. This is good news because now, I can give up my job and be with my kids whenever they need me. And then… my internet connection got suspended! Bummer! Now I still have to go out to do my online job at internet shops.

But you know which irony I hated the most? Is that lately, I am getting little successes, that little by little I am getting recognized… getting something for my writing. But through all these little joys and successes, I don’t have my wife with me to share all this things.

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Jena Isle said...

Hello Roy,

Congrats...pag may tiyaga may nilaga. I strongly urge you to read Bo Sanchez Blog. If you want to access it, you can find the link in my gewgaw blog.

The TV stint was great. It made me cry. It was such a nostalgic show and they have done it beautifully. Your kids are wonderful.

Take heart, there is always a reason for everything. The ways of the Lord are strange. He knows what's best for us.

All the best.