Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stupid CAP!

What else can you call a company who steals your children's future?! They promised to provide for your child's college education need then just fold up without considering those whose future they destroyed. Or was it really a scam that took so many years in the making?!

They should have called it CUP instead of CAP! U for Unassurance! Honestly, I can't afford the plan I bought for my son then, but because I am one who would always think of my children's future, I made it a point to get him a plan. Now that he is in college, what do they do?! Giving me hard time to get what is only a mere portion of what was promised to me! Hard time! Yes hard time! To think that I'm only getting what is due to me!

Prelims is already next week, yet the very much indifferent personnel of CAUP can't say when I can get the P11,000 check that they said I can get. Yes, that's only an P11,000 compared to my son's tuition fee. And they say that I should even be thankful that I could get any amount. I was scammed, and yet I should be thankful?!

Now, where the executives of this company now? Perhaps living in flush subdivisions if not in high rising condominiums. Some could even be out of the country now! All living the life of the king courtesy of the money of their subscribers whose future they destroyed. Why aren't they in jail? Or better yet, get their money to pay for us subscribers... then throw them to jail.

I know, this ranting won't really get me anywhere, because, if I might quote a very popular personality..., "they have the epidermis of a pachyderm!"

And let me say it one more time.... STUPID CAP!

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