Saturday, August 27, 2011

Online discount coupons

I have not really tried buying anything online, yet. But there were times I was curious and would really want to try it. However, I am very much weary. You know, safety and security concerns. Is it really safe? Right now, I am contemplating to buy shoes online and so I searched the net for any site or information about it.

My searched led me to the Zappos shoes coupons which allows me to shop for shoes online and get a discount too. Like I said, I never tried shopping online, and the concerns and fear never waned. Maybe for a start, I would be starting to buy small ticket items, and of course, get them at discounted price too. Which could be the best motivation for me to finally give in to online shopping.

So I searched about coupons to see the discount rates and find out if there are other items that could be bought at a discount too. Was glad to see that there was a discount as high as 50% for shoes! Looks like I could finally get something nice for me and not feel guilty about it.

I would need to explore on it more though. And of course, try to check if Paypal payments are accepted, because that is the only way I can pay online. At least, that would make me feel safe because I would not be divulging any bank or credit card details.

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