Sunday, November 6, 2011

What does "not yet ready" really mean?

"I'm not yet ready"

What does that phrase really mean? I've been hearing it quite too often lately… and it's irritating. When does a girl mean when she says she's "not yet ready."

Does it mean…
- "actually, I could use a little diversion except that you're not just my type"
- "you could be good… just give me some time, say… two years to never"
- "I'm not really looking right now, so why don't you be a bee and buzz off!"
- "I'm not ready and that's just that. Do not complicate things further, okay? They're already harder as they are now."

And so on… and so forth…

Doesn't make sense really,  to me at least.

Don't bother. Nothing makes sense to me anyway.

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