Saturday, April 21, 2012

White hairs everywhere

I had my haircut this morning.

I'm sure you know how it is with barber shops.  As you sit on the barber's chair, you are facing a big mirror in front of you… and I had a good look of myself. Honestly, what I saw wasn't very encouraging.

White hairs growing everywhere!

Sure, it wasn't the first time I saw white hairs on me but they weren't as many before. They used to be only on the sides, those on top aren't very visible unless you take a closer look. But today, it looked like there are as much white hairs as there black, if not more.

Am I concerned? I'm not hypocrite. Of course, I am!

Let me make that clear - CONCERNED, not conscious.

How can that be different?

I really didn't care if I had white hairs.

But now that I have more white hairs, for sure… SHE WILL NEVER LIKE ME.

And it will never change.

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