Thursday, June 25, 2009

Throw 'em, why don't you?! I'm still standing!

Go ahead! Throw them! Throw them all at me! Give me everything you got!

Hey! Look at me! I'm still standing! I can take some more! Yes, give me some more!

Come on! Give it to me!

If you really think I still need to pass all these tests your giving me, then give them, why don't you?!

Don't stop until you see me down and crawling on the ground.

Yes, don't let me rest. That's right. Don't even let me breath!

You're the boss! You can do everything that you like! Come on, give them to me. Don't even for a brief moment allow me to get a taste of fulfillment, success or any happiness, I might only get used to it.

It's not like I haven't done everything to please you. I did. YOU KNOW THAT!

Me, who have always put himself last just because I believed in your golden rule!

Me, who even as a child have avoided everything that will cause you pain... yes! Even to the least of your brothers!

Me, who has been ridiculed and abused, just because I tried to emulate the holiness that you so professed!

You still have to see if I am worth it?!

Go ahead! Give them to me!

Satisfy yourself!


Jena Isle said...

Hi Roy,

Oo nga, when it rains it pours. Mine was last month. This month naman, workload. Grabe, all these deadlines are freaking me out. But now I can attend to our book. yehey!! Finishing touches na lang sa mga una kong deadlines. Yehey!!!

Kaya natin iyan cabalen. Cheers!

Jan said...

Roy, I'm here if you need help. Just in case lang - because I know you're a proud man, in the good sense of that word.

I'm here lang. Buzz me. Email me. Anything. Give it to me. Help me prove I can be of help, too. ",)

Amor said...

Hi Kuya Roy! What's wrong?

Smile lang, kaya mo yan. You don't own all the problems in the world. Some of them are mine. :)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Wow, you must be one hell of a trusted, favourite employee of your boss to be given such an amount of workload! Employers normally do that prior to a coming promotion. They load you up but the next thing you know, you're promoted! Keep it up, Roy. And let us know when the big day comes.

Roy said...

indeed, it poured... and how!

you are right... I am proud, I'm not used to asking for help

oo nga, tama ka

haha! good one!

will do that Luke