Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For pete's sake! Get yourself eyeglasses!

"I've told you before, you need to get eyeglasses! Your sight can't be trusted anymore!" exclaimed Wanda.

"Naah! It's just a waste of good money, my eyes are fine," replied George to his nagging wife.

"Fine?! You call kissing the dog and putting me on a leash fine?! Your eyes really has a big problem I tell you!" Wanda continued nagging.

"Okay, tell me then, How You Can Start Spending Smart with a lousy eyeglass. Tell me"

"Well," replied his wife, "there's this $ 8 Rx eyeglasses I've seen on the web from Zenni Optical."

"Zenni Optical?"

"Yes, and they're so fashionable even! Here are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses from the site. I even printed them so you can choose the design."

(Showed him the pictures)

"Hmm... they're not bad looking"

"So... you're going to get a pair of eyeglasses now?"

"Sure... but you have to admit... the leash looks good on you," (chuckles)

"Oh! cut that out!"

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zorlone said...

I need eyeglasses. Not for far sightedness, but for astigmatism.