Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When friends judge friends

Friendship is a rare commodity for me. Not because there aren’t enough friendly people, but because I really find it hard to open up… and be one.

That is why when I called someone a friend, I mean it.

I have an idealistic view of friendship, which I believe isn’t really healthy for me. I am deeply affected whenever there’s a rift in the relationship.

It hurts most when friends judge you.

Not for what you did or did not do, but for what they PERCIEVED you did.

You think that as a friend they would come to you upfront and get it straight from you.

I knew I would do that. Friendship is at stake… friendship that I value so much.

But they have no idea of what you went out to do for them. They didn't know... they don't have to.

Friends don't keep score.

Maybe we really have different views, perspective and approach when it comes to friendship and being a friend.

Like I said, I have a very idealistic view when it comes to friendship… and I value it so much.

I don’t betray friends…

Not even if my life depends on it.


Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

true friends ends in happiness...:)
madamings S yun.;)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Unfortunately, some people have a very loose definition of "friendship." The Internet - Web 2.0 - encourages that. It's very sad when someone you believed was a friend lets you down, and I'm sorry for your loss.

jan geronimo said...

These are just online buddies, Roy. And in the internet, the definition of friendship leaves much to be desired. Holly is right about that.

I'm old school, too, Roy. We have the same ideas about friendship. And it's a pain in the neck that online it's spawned to something else.

But of course I'm thankful that I get to see with my own eyes who my true friends are. Guess what, I will not grieve for the loss of promising online "friendships." I'd rather move on and value those that I have.

Will I be cynical from now on? No, okay maybe a little. Ahehehe