Friday, November 6, 2009

Everyone is wiser...

"You should get out more often!"

"You need to get a real job"

"You know, you really need to consider marrying again... you need someone to be with when your kids already have their own family"

"You need to move on..."

Why is it that everyone seems to be wiser? Everyone seems to know better.

Telling me how to run my life... like I'm not doing the right thing, or as if I'm not doing anything!

Maybe they meant well... or maybe do know more!

Honestly, these give me doubts on myself... like I don't know how to run my own life.


Jena Isle said...

They mean well, Roy. especially when this comes from a true friend. Keep going. Do whatever you're comfortable with. We're behind you, he he he. Para sanggain mo lahat ng bala....he he he...

Just making you laugh. Best regards.

jan geronimo said...

My friend Maria told me once may pagkakaiba pag nagshare ka sa babaeng kabigan at sa lalaki. Sa lalaki, he'd think hard and try to offer you solutions. Sa babae, it's enough that the other person listens. Parang sounding board lang. The problem need not be solved. It's not the point.

Perhaps our online activities make no distinctions now on these behavior? In the absence of body language and verbal cues, friends to get a little presumptuous?

Perhaps it's an unfortunate blogger's mindset at work? Alam mo na - here's a problem, here's my two-cents worth?

How was this clear evidence of presumptuousness presented to you? With intriguing headline starting with Foolproof way of _____? Complete with bullet list of points?

You're right. There's clear need for subtleties. Just being there can be more important than all the uncalled for advice put together.

Roy said...

You are very right, Jan.

sometimes, we really don't need an opinion. we just want someone who would listen to us.