Saturday, February 13, 2010

I don't do valentines

I can tolerate other holidays... but valentine? Never! And I have a reason to do so. If there is a Mr. Scrooge of valentine, I could fit the role.

But it doesn't mean I would frown against others celebrating this mushiest occasion of the year, nor would I "humbag" back at those who would attempt to greet me. I've been there, I understand.

It's just it is a different day for me now, and in the years to come.

I don't do valentines... and never will.


paige said...

Sir, I actually understand because i read the story. But please let me greet you Happy Valentines po. :)

Jena Isle said...

Hello Roy, have a pleasant day, just like what I would greet you everyday.

jan geronimo said...

Wow, I feel the same, Roy. Sayang, ngayon ko lang nabasa ito we could made a rousing chorus our of it last Feb 14.

I saw a Manny Villar ad below, but just the same, "Have a nice day." :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Hang in there, Roy. Hang in there.