Friday, April 9, 2010

Jack and his basement

"Daaad!!! Come here quick!" Jonathan yelled, calling his father to come to him to their basement.

Jack came rushing thinking that something bad must have happened to his son, his wife followed him too. "What is it, son?" asked Jack worriedly, "...and where did all these water came from?!"

"That is why I called you, Dad. It's flooding in here, and it's not even raining!" Jonathan replied.

"I don't think it's coming from the outside, Jack" Bernadette, Jack's wife said. "It's coming from under the house."

Jack looked around and it seems that his wife is right. It's not raining outside, in fact it's even hot and dry. He hurriedly checked if there are any open faucet and found none.

"I remember," Jack said, "the renovators have warned us the creek nearby. They said it might 'go to us' although I didn't mean what they said then. So, this is what they meant. But how could that be?"

"Well," Bernadette replied, "if you have listened to them and called the Basement waterproofing company they recommended, this wouldn't have happened."

"It's too late for blaming now, Hon. Why don't try to find number they gave us so I can give them a call now. At least, we could prevent this from happening again," Jack told his wife.

Facing his son, he said, "in the meantime son, let us dry to clean up all these mess here, remove the water if we can so we can find the spot where it's all coming from, shall we?"

"But, isn't this a Dad thing?" Jonathan protested.

"Well, you'll be a Dad soon anyway, so you can start now."

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Paige said...

Very true! We should act now than to feel sorry later.