Thursday, May 27, 2010

There are no fruits on the table

"We used to have fruits almost everyday"

Those were the words of my daughter, Angel as we were talking about the happy days when their mother was still with us.

And she was right, when my wife was still alive, she would often buy fruits for the kids. To think that the market was really out of her way and going straight home was easier.

Still, she didn't mind the extra trip just to be able to bring home some fruits.

Unfortunately, it is one thing that I neglect to do.

I do not buy fruits for the kids. While Angel's words were harmless and not in any way meant to put me down, it dawned upon me that I just cannot replace the love, caring and thoughtfulness that my wife has shown us.

The "fruits on the table" could be just a representation... just a surface... when you scratch it... when you look beyond it... it could also mean that there is really no substitute for a mother's love.

I could have remembered the fruits, I could have done more.

But I failed... I failed the "fruit" test.


jan geronimo said...

Much to your credit,however, you consistently pass the rest of the household tests. So if you occasionally slip on a non-existent banana peel, your wonderful kids will not begrudge you that, I reckon.

paige said...

Sir, I think it is not too late. You can still buy fruits for them. Well, it is good to make it tradition as a memory of your loving wife.