Monday, June 21, 2010


toughness at the front
an immovable facade
no spear nor bullet can pass through
no emotions
no compassion
no chance

but one single arrow
can pierce through and open up
a locked fortress and exposing
the most vulnerable part

June 21, 2010
8:44 PM
Angeles City


jan geronimo said...

It's hard to guard against armor-piercing weapons. At some point, your weakness might get exposed and you become vulnerable. By then, it's high time you got nine lives to survive the onslaught.

At some point, we get to question ourselves: isn't it when we're most vulnerable and raw that we sometimes feel most alive?

We can go through life avoiding tough choices, hewing closely to what's safe and within our comfort zone. Of course we survive, but perhaps the more relevant question is have we lived fully?

Besides, we're not built for eternity which is just as well because I think it's boring. :)

Roy said...

yes Jan, sometimes no matter how hard we try to hide, each one of us is vulnerable... even to feelings that sometimes we cannot admit that we have

Jena Isle said...

Only love can do that. That is why LOVE is the answer to all your

Roy said...


no comment, Jen