Saturday, July 24, 2010

Because I need to breathe...

I never found myself
surrounded by so much smoke
the one the comes from a stick
that comes with the faintest light
I used to walk away
or just pretend I don't care
but now I inhale it all
straight from the stick with the faintest light
and while immersed in this curtains
I can breathe and think as well
I can write as I fill the air
with nicotine and a very bad smell
but because I need to breathe
and I need to be relaxed
the very thing that I despise
has kept me company on those late nights

July 24, 2010
6:48 am
Angeles City

*written online, as is

1 comment:

jan geronimo said...

It's a source of wonder and pain we sometimes embrace what we hate. Self sabotage? Death wish?

Because it's a faithful companion? It wouldn't abandon you if you let it come hell or high water.

Of course, the fine print says it takes care of digging our grave and makes sure we don't tarry to our early, painful exit.

Of course, I'm saying all these para di na ko masermonan. :)