Monday, May 28, 2012

He Avoids The Verse

He Avoids The Verse 
by Roy dela Cruz 

He avoids the verse
It should be put to rest
His emotions all locked up
And throws away the key

He goes out and faced everybody
Wearing the smile they wanted to see
While trying to contain his silent sighs

For not a soul would understand
The pain that is eating the man
Either they were concerned for him
Or they were annoyed by him

He stopped breathing nonsensical rhetorics
Which finally puts everybody at ease
His own pain notwithstanding

But at night, when everything’s quiet
Once hidden from everybody’s view
The pain screams out through his pores
For he is himself once more

But he cannot breathe it out
He vowed to never spread the pain
Withheld… locked… it will be

Thus, he avoids the verse

May 28, 2012 
12:49 p.m. 
Angeles City Philippines 

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