Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They won't remember your birthday... without Facebook

Today I just turned 44.

A few days before my birthday, I deactivated my Facebook account because of a very personal reason... and also I want to find out if anybody who were my friends, will remember my birthday (I know I have some 'real' friends there). I want to prove something.

Sure, I could just hide my birthday and there's no need to deactivate my account. Again, the birthday was only secondary, there's a different reason for doing so.

Anyway, I was right. Only a few remember - one was an elder from the community I belonged to who was holding the records of the birthdays of each member, and another was a friend who will never forget my birthday because he celebrates his birthday on the same day.

Really, what a big help Facebook was... reminding friends to be... well, real friends.


Internet guy. said...

Always wondered if this would be the case, Ill be trying this out myself, except I will change it fake birthday to see their responses haha.

Anyway, Happy birthday!

jenifer david said...