Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Should I hope again?

Do I really like to see myself in pain?... I have submitted another resume.. another job application. This overqualified (read: over-age) individual seems to can't get enough of those cold stares and doubting looks.

This time, I got referral! I am supposed to meet the head of the accounting. A person known to my sister in Canada who called her here in the Philippines just to help me get a job. So I went as I was told, looked for her. On the letter, I followed my sister's instructions.

Unfortunately, the front desk where I was supposed to ask, directed me to another door. When I finally reached my sister's friend's office, she wasn't there. I was told to meet her, she was supposed to be expecting me. Instead, a man from HR met me, got my resume and told me that they will just evaluate it and will call me anytime within the week.

Yeah right! And I am Iron Man!

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