Friday, May 23, 2008


Since when do qualifications became liabilities? To me it has been a reality in more occasions that one. A licensed Certified Public Accountant, with eleven (11) years of working experience in a bank with Assistant Manager as my last position, computer literate, with sales and marketing experience as well - yet I can't get myself hired! Because I was told that I am overqualified!

I can't understand why my credentials and experiences suddenly became my liability! Maybe I should understate myself, but that would mean fabricating stories to fill in all those years in between. Otherwise, it would appear that I didn't do anything! Making me unqualified to take on any job position!

Honestly, I believe that overqualified is just a sugarcoated term for over-age. Yes, cause here in the Philippines, you can't find a job when you're already over 30 years old. That is direct discrimination I must say, but in order to avoid being accused of such, human resource departments used the term overqualified.

Another theory I can think of is insecurity. Superiors wouldn't want to handle nor supervise subordinates they know are more qualified and knowledgeable than them. I know this, because one time I was asked if it was okay if I'll be supervised by people younger than me. I said yes, because I have professional work ethics and doesn't look at the age of my superiors but perform my duties diligently whether or not I am supervised or not. But they thought otherwise.

Applying for an executive position, they would stare at you from top to bottom and doubts your capability. Yet if you would apply for a lower position - I'm even willing to work at the starting point in a company, be it a clerk or a receptionist, they would stamp your papers overqualified.

Come on! Give me a break!

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algodon said...

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