Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe I'm not cut for blogging

Paid blogging that is! Applied for some which offers opportunities to earn thru blogging... but somehow my blogs doesn't get the nod. Is it because my blogs are lacking in commercial substance? Actually, it's because of too few entries in my blogs... and quite long intervals in-between. So I'm told. Yes I know... it's their prerogative.

I can't for the life of me understand why I should write 20 blog entries within a span of 90 days! Such criteria I believe is too shallow! Looking for quantity rather than quality! Maybe I could do that, after all I'm unemployed. I just have to blabber everyday - nonsense or not, at least it could add up the number. Still, too shallow a criteria for me.

Maybe I should just copy any articles from the net and post it on my blogs - that would qualify me for the quantity as there are far too many articles to pick up from the web. But copy-paste isn't my style. I'd rather write my own... no offense to those who does copy-paste. I guess it would be just fine as long they give credits to their source. Unfortunately, I've read lots of them who owned the articles they post when it is very obvious that it wasn't their original. AND THEY GET AWAY IT! Is that what problogging means?

Anyway, if I wasn't cut for it - so be it. Maybe someday I could learn to divide my emotions in two topics, or maybe three even! Just to be able to satisfy the quantity factor. Just as of now, it will be just as it is... my blogs... my own.

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