Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some father I'm turning out to be!

I was really wrong! I thought right intentions could very well carry me into carrying the task... nothing could be more stupid than that thought! Because the truth is, I am clueless on what to do next! Some father I turn out to be!

I thought everything would be easy, since I've been doing it for the last 15 years! But now, I just don't know where to start! I don't even know where I left off!

Two children getting sick in two weeks. Not even constant medicine reminders could speed up their recovery. I guess I really lack the mother's touch that magically heals an ailing child. No matter how hard I try, I know, I can't be their mother.

Did I mention that I'm not working? So I am with them, 24/7! There's really no excuse for me not to be able to take care of my kids! Haven't been able to feed them decent food lately - mostly fried, instant, canned, take-outs and others whatchamacallit! As I really don't know what to cook without my wife giving me directions.

Now, as I go on... I really don't know where to go. I'm worried about my children. I pity them for they have me as a father. They deserve more! I have lots of dreams for them, I do. But it seems I really don't know how to get it for them, and instead vent out frustrations on them. I hope I could do more... stupid of just creating more stupid blogs!

I really wish I could be a better father to my children.

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