Saturday, May 24, 2008

This blog's turn to announce EntreCard....

To take a break from my rants and whines... I'm posting here the New EntreCard Features!

Okay, maybe I'm just doing it for the 2,000 EC credits... but who doesn't? Every EntreCard member, whether they admit it or not, does it for the same reason. Besides, it worth posting anyway.

The new feature allows members to add new blogs without the need to create a new account. Unlike before wherein the number of accounts you have corresponds to the number of blogs you registered with EnreCard. Now you just need one account and register all your blogs under the same account. If you already have other blogs with EnreCard, you can easily link them together. Now you can just switch between blogs and drops cards and post adverts at whim!

What's more, they came out with the Official EntreCard E-Book! To guide both new members and old alike... and it's FREE! So download it now!

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