Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Struggling Blogger versus The Struggling Blogger dot Com

It's 8:03 PM, and Roy's blogs are all gathered together for their quarterly round table meeting. (I didn't know they were holding meetings - Roy) House of Puroy stood up from his chair and declared "We're already 3 minutes late for our meeting, as your presiding blog, I declare that we start with our meeting and not wait for Roysville anymore."

The blogs settled on their seats with the announcement. Present in the meeting are REFLECTIONS, Sugar Coated World (SCW), Money OnLine (MOL), Be Inspired Now! (BIN), The Struggling Blogger (TSB), Subukan Taya Ing Kapampangan (STIK), more than just copy-paste (MTCP), Letters To Mama (Letters), the 3 new blogs, Etsetera! Etsetera! (ETC), The Struggling Blogger dot Com (TSBdotCom), Roysville dot Com (RVdotCom), and of course, the presiding blog, House of Puroy.

After calling the roll, House of Puroy said "Okay guys, our main agenda for tonight's meeting is to officially welcome to our roster our 3 new brothers, Etsetera!, The Struggling Blogger dot Com, and Roysville dot Com."

Everybody gave the 3 blogs a big round of applause in approval... everybody, except...

"I don't get it!" said TSB, who could no longer hold his silence, as he stood up and slammed the table with his hands. All the other blogs were surprised by his action.

"Why on earth do Roy needed to create The Struggling Blogger dot Com?! Am I not good enough? Haven't I done AND DELIVERED of what was expected of me?" (I'm not hearing this - Roy), "Why?! Why?! Why?! can anybody explain it to me?"

He faced TSBdotCom and said "Do you really think you can replace me? Do you really believe you are better than me?"

"Hey! Loosen up!" replied TSBdotCom, "we're on the same side"

"Yes, why are you so cranky?" asked SCW, "that's my job!"

REFLECTIONS approached TSB and said "don't be so sensitive... it's not what you think. You're being too emotional." TSB looked at him and said, "look who's talking!"

BIN who was always a respected member because of his wisdom said "REFLECTIONS is right brother... it's not what you think. We're not here to compete with each other, it's not a question of who is the better blog and who's not..." he continued, "we are here to complement each other... to support each other. We all have our specific purpose, no blog is above the other."

"Why do you always have to be positive?:" replied TSB, he faced the group, "yes, BIN is right, we all have our specific purpose, and we're doing it perfectly. But I can't see how TSBdotCom's purpose is different from mine. Don't you think I have a reason to act like this?"

"Look brother," TSBdotCom tried to reason, "once again, we are on the same side. Yes, you are right, we may overlap on our purpose, but I don't think that's reason enough to hate me! I'm not here to compete or replace you, and I definitely don't mean to show that I'm the better blog and that..."


TSBdotCom was not able to continue whatever he has to say because a quick right landed on his chin. The next thing he know, he was on the ground with his feet raised in the air.

He quickly picked himself up as he wiped the blood from his mouth... "I can see you've been writing too much of Pacquiao."

"And there's more where that came from!" TSB said.

"You know, just for that, I'll definitely show that I am indeed the better struggling blogger and you're nothing but a has been. I'm tired of all these bullying. I'm no pushover you know... I'll put you in your proper place!" TSBdotCom warned.

Undaunted, TSB whip back "that won't change a thing..." and in his best Cherrie Gil peformance, pointed at TSBdotCom and said "you're nothing but a second-grade, trying hard, copy-blog!"

But before he can throw his glass of soda, TSBdotCom beat him to the punch as he threw a bucketfull of water, who suddenly appeared from out of nowhere, at TSB which caused him to loose his balance.

All hell was about to break loose, when the two blogs, now already in fighting stance approached each other, when House of Puroy shouted "Hey! That's enough, cut it out!"

"Aren't you two ashamed of yourself?! And you call yourselves blogs! You don't know how to communicate!"

"Look," as he addressed TSB, "if Roy's intention was to replace you, he would have deleted you or already redirected you when he created TSBdotCom, and you'll be sent to kingdom come. But he didn't! Because he knows and realizes you contributions, and he believes you can do more. If he thinks there should be two struggling bloggers, we should support him. Let's trust Roy on this one, shall we?" (that's my boy! - Roy)

"And you!" he pointed at TSBdotCom, "you maybe a dot com, with beautiful theme, a comfortable web host and all, but that doesn't mean you can throw your weight around here. You're still the new guy you know. You better behave yourself!"

"Now, why don't you two shake hands and end all this nonsense"

"I'm sorry bro," TSB said, "I'm sorry too bro" replied TSBdotCom, as they shook hands and hug each other. Everybody clap their hands and were so happy that it's all over.

Roysville dot Com, who was silent all throughout the proceedings, breathed a heavy sigh of relief and blurted out "Oh boy! I sure am glad that Roysville is not here toni---"


The door suddenly swung open, and everybody looked towards the direction of the door and saw, standing there was... Roysville who looked straight at Roysville dot Com as he spoke, "you were saying?"

House of Puroy put his hand on top of his head and said, "Oh brother! not another one..."

To be continued?
(I don't think so! - Roy)


Eric S. said...

Pretty funny Roy.

And the competition is on!

Roy said...

thanks Eric!

Jan said...

"'re nothing but a second-rate copy-blog!"

Hahaha. That's funny. Now, I get to see all the names of your blogs in one place. It has become a source of amusement to me every time you visit my blog. Because I know when I click the link it will take me to another blog under your empire.

It's good to know you don't belong to the dark force. I enjoy my visit every time. :)

Roy said...

hahaha! you caught my pattern, hehe...

now, which dark force were you referring to? sounds interesting, hehe...

thanks for dropping by again!